BBC has started a new service aimed at people in West Africa to curb the spread of Ebola. Efforts are still under way to develop a vaccine for this deadly disease. In this situation information spreading and precaution can be helpful to save lives.

By subscribing to this service you can get latest Ebola stories and related public health information directly on your mobile phone.

How to Subscribe

The service is made available on the most popular mobile chat app WhatsApp. To subscribe to the service first you need to save the BBC service number in you cellphone as contact. The number is +44 7702 348 651. After saving this number send 'JOIN' text to this number via WhatsApp only and soon you will be registered to get updates.

Content of the updates may include audio, text messages or images in English and French. Notification will be sent a maximum of three times in a day.

To unregister, send 'STOP' to the same number via WhatsApp.

Facts about Ebola
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