Get Ready for 10x Powerful Lithium Batteries

Engineers at Northwestern University have built a new Lithium ion batteries which are ten times more efficient. These novel batteries could recharge ten times faster and hold a charge ten times larger than current batteries.

Human Body to Generate Electricity from Sugar and Oxygen

Scientists have discovered a new biofuel cell which can generate electricity from glucose and dioxygen present in physiological fluids of a human body. Though it can't lighten your CFL but will solve the power requirement of medical implants and artificial organs such as pacemaker.

How a Computer Updates Time Even When it is Off

You might have thought how a computer updates its time even when it is fully powred off. It make sense that notebooks are always connected with its battery, but what about a desktop PC? Here internet availability is not a factor. But certainly there is something which helps the computer to know the current time.

Difference Between Offline and Online UPS

The difference between these UPS is due to their internal structure. Generally for home desktops we use offline UPS and in laptops online UPS are used which keeps on running without interuption when mains power fail...