Albert Hwang's Business Card

Design of the business card reflects passion of the person. But can you expect what a computer geek can do for designing his business card? Look at the business card above. This is the business card of Albert Hwang. It seems that someone has a notepad file holding in his hand. Regarding the card, Albert clarifies that he has no impression from term like "code ninja". Rather he is a "3D Information Artist".

Replying to a question by an critiques that Notepad doesn't have syntax highlighting!, he said, "Yep, I cheated. Deliberate choice. I mocked up a few cards that were all black and there was way too much visual clutter. I was more concerned with connoting information than I was about the degree of accuracy of medium."

Albert wrote a blogpost regarding the boom of his business card on the internet and defending himself to common critiques about the card.

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