Microsoft Learning Suite is a package containing about 30 most innovative applications and web-based tools of Microsoft. Some are Add-ins for Microsoft Office tools. These software add a lot of functionality to the Windows operating system and the Microsoft Office. The package is available totally free of cost.

The package contains research & study tools, creativity tools, teaching tools and some collaboration like Bing Translator and Windows Live Writer. Microsoft says that the Learning Suite is specifically aimed at schools. Here's the list of software tools that are included in Learning Suite:

Creativity Tools

  • Songsmith
  • Photosynth
  • AutoCollage
  • Kodu
  • Photo Gallery


  • Windows Live Writer
  • Live Messenger
  • Office Web Apps
  • Partners in Learning
  • Bing Translator

Research & Study Tools

  • Bing Maps
  • Academic Search
  • Worldwide Telescope
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mathematics 4.0
  • Chemistry Add-ins for Word

Teaching Tools

  • PhotoStory 3
  • Office Add-in for Moodle
  • Getting Started & How-to Videos
  • Digital Literacy
  • Mouse Mischief
  • Interactive Classroom
  • Community Clips
  • Math Worksheet Generator

You can download the package from Microsoft's website. You will need sign in using your Live ID for downloading the package. [via MSDN Blog]

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