After the Bollywood movie Robot, Rajnikanth has become the super hero of India. It was the time when 90% of jokes shared via SMS were of Rajnikanth. He is no ordinary man.

Recently DesiMartini has launched a website This website shares information about the superstar Rajnikanth. The music is really cool. The very special thing of this website is it doesn't require an Internet connection to run. Surprised? How a website could run without Internet? But this is fact. You can check yourself. Really I had never seen such type of websites earlier and could never think of such sites.

When you'll open up the site, you will be asked to switch off the internet connection. Without turning it off, you will not be allowed to enter the site. And when you disconnect, the site starts. Again if you power up in mean time, it will get paused and again request you to disconnect the connection. Here is how all these stuffs are working.

Actually the site is designed using Adobe Flash. So the whole site runs using a single Flash file. When you open the site while connected with Internet, the Flash file gets downloaded into your local computer and the site doesn't need Internet after that.

Now the local Flash file runs in the browser on behalf of the actual site and continuously checks whether you are connected to the Internet or not. If yes, then access is blocked and you are asked to disconnect first. If no Internet connection is found then it allows access to the site and then whole sites runs through the same downloaded Flash file.

This was the mojo of Rajni's website.