I do not use Google Docs as my primary storage, so basically I am even satisfied with the free 1 GB storage. But, after getting news from various sources, I logged in to my Docs account with curiosity to see if I have been also graced to have some more thicker storage on the free Docs platform. But it was sad. I could not find any changes in my account, neither in space consumed and left section.

Default storage space of 1 GB in Google Docs

With a bit of frustration, I searched for why and how Google is expanding the storage for free accounts. I found this and tried.

I uploaded a small file to my account and checked the storage details again. Now, what I saw was not so much useful for me, but I was happy to see this. My space increased from 1GB to 5GB instantly.

Storage space increased from 1 GB to 5 GB.

This expansion is due to the newly launched Google Drive, which is similar to services like SkyDrive and Dropbox.

Now afterwards, all new signups will get initial free space of 5 GB. But existing account holders may require to use this trick for the expansion.

Don't waste much of you time in reading this post. I am over. Try yourself this right now if you are running out of space. But don't forget to notify me if it (not) worked.

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