Dropquest is a contest in which you face a series of puzzles to solve. It was started last year in which nearly half a million Dropbox users competed to get free storage space and other prizes. This year, it'll start on Saturday, May 12, at 17:00 GMT.

Event will be held online at Dropquest 2012 page. The page will not open before the event time. So, if you are willing to participate, arrive at the page on said time. Keep a pencil and paper with you.

Dropquest 2012


  • 1st (1 No) Dropbox employee hoodie, Limited edition Dropbox Hack Week t-shirt, Dropbox drawing signed by the entire Dropbox team, invitation to help write the next Dropquest, 100 GB for life

  • 2nd (10 Nos) Dropbox employee hoodie, Dropbox t-shirt, 20 GB for life

  • 3rd (15 Nos) Dropbox t-shirt, 5 GB Space for life

  • 4th (50 Nos) 2 GB for life

  • 5th (100 Nos) 1 GB for life

According to Dropbox, quest'12 will be even harder than last year, but there are glorious prizes waiting for those who can complete it first. How much space you want?

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