Twitter has said that it is going to launch its services in Hindi, Filipino, Malay and Chinese in the coming weeks. Besides these, Twitter will support 17 different languages. Facebook has already launched its services in Hindi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bengali, Telegu and Tamil. Twitter is also far behind Facebook in user number game.

Twitter has notified in its blog, "After launching Hindi, Filipino, Malay and Simplified and Traditional Chinese in the coming weeks, Twitter will support 17 different languages."

Twitter had announced accomplishing 100 million active users worldwide with a total of nearly 200 million users. The blog pops out some interesting stories, stating "For many, getting the most out of Twitter isn't only about tweeting: 40 per cent of our active users simply sign in to listen to what's happening in their world.."

The blog also describes about some interesting profiles @twitter of various leaders, athletes, humanitarians, entertainers and reporters. According to twitter,
•   Thirty-five global heads of state use Twitter as a primary way to communicate with their constituencies.
•   Many US professional sports players are active on Twitter, including two-thirds of the NBA.
•   Over 99 percent of America's top 200 non-profits are on Twitter.
•   Eighty-seven percent of Billboard's Top 100 musicians of 2010 are active on Twitter, connecting with fans to engage their audiences.
•   Major newsrooms actively use Twitter to supplement their reporting efforts.

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