YouTube has introduced three new features for its users. The most important one is to convert 2D videos to 3D with a single click. While the program is still in beta stage, this is the first time when an online video-sharing company is providing 2D to 3D conversion tool.

Steps for converting 2D videos to 3D

First upload the video or it is okay if you have uploaded one already. Select the video and click on Edit Info. Now, click on 3D Video button. There you can choose your favorite 3D format to convert the video.

Finally, by clicking on Save Changes button, the video will start converting and get saved automatically on the server. Don't worry, 2D video will also exist.

To view the 3D version, play the video and select the preferred 3D viewing mod in status bar. Mind that you'll still need 3D glasses to watch the clip on most devices.

Additional features added

YouTube also announced that verified users with "clean track record" can now upload videos even longer than 15 minutes. "resumable uploads" facility ensures that you can resume uploading the video from the same point if your internet fails during the upload process. Two additional video editing tools Vlix and Magisto has been added. Using Vlix, various effects and text can be added to the video. Magisto allows automatic way to edit row or plane videos. These tools are available at
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