Microsoft has recently unveiled the Windows Phone Emulator which can be tried by interested people for a demo of working and user interface of Windows Phone. With this Microsoft has enabled all iPhone and Android users to try and experience a quick demo of Windows Phone right on their mobile browser.

Just go to Windows Phone official demo page and feel the look. This is a HTML5 website that simulates the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango interface. In a swap you will see there contact list, agenda, and photos on the demo screen. You can also go through some of its features, such as setting up a unified inbox, navigating through the endless landscape interface, and switching a conversation from Facebook chat to text messaging.

There are two guidance icons in the form of blue dots to help you learn how to navigate through the interface. Here is a screenshot.

Microsoft has also released a SDK for this. Any one can download the and install Windows Phone SDK that includes Windows Phone Emulator. The SDK also provides all of the tools that are needed to develop applications and games for both Windows Phone 7.0 and Windows Phone 7.5 devices.

By doing all this Microsoft is trying to engage those potential users that may be hesitant to go to store and then see the Windows Phone device.

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