Google is not just a search engine, rather it is a habit for most of the people. Billions of searches are performed globally on Google each year. Even I have seen people who search 'gmail' in Google to open the Gmail website. In a blog post of Google India blog, they have listed up the top most searched terms of India. The list reflects my observation showing that 'Gmail' stands at the 3rd position in most searched term.

RankTop Searched PeopleFastest Rising People
#1 Katrina Kaif Anna Hazare
#2 Anna Hazare Poonam Pandey
#3 Salman Khan Steve Jobs
#4 Poonam Pandey Anushka Sharma
#5 Justin Bieber Salman Khan
#6 Aishwarya Rai Justin Bieber
#7 Sachin Tendulkar Kajal Agarwal
#8 Kareena Kapoor Katrina Kaif
#9 Steve Jobs Vijay Mallya
#10 Priyanka Chopra Aishwarya Rai

RankTop Searched Terms
#1 Facebook
#2 YouTube
#3 Gmail
#4 Yahoomail
#5 Google
#6 Yahoo
#8 Rediffmail
#9 Indian Railways
#10 way2sms

One thing that I am not getting is, why people search 'Facebook' in Google for going to Well I think you too don't know why.

Google has also come up with a dedicated website for showing the top global searches, country wise searches and also shows category wise searches.

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