Loading Multiple CSS Files After Page is Loaded

In this post we will see how to decrease the page load time when using multiple JavaScript and CSS files in a HTML page. We will defer loading of these files, so browser can continue to render content.

Using Adobe Edge Web Fonts on any Website

A joint venture of Typekit, Adobe Type, and Google Web Fonts has launched another free service to host web fonts, that anyone can use. Unlike GWF, the AEWF can be embedded by JavaScript file import.

Reduce Google Web Fonts Loading Time for Webpages

A number of website owners have started using web fonts for a better look and feel. But their use require some attention for best optimization. Here I'm highlighting some good ways that can reduce the font loading time up to 90%.

Import Multiple Google Web-fonts in a Single Request

Many designers are now widely using Google Web Fonts to decorate their pages. But embedding too many web fonts in a page increases number of requests for them. Here is a small trick for optimizing the use of the Google Font API.

Add Google Cloud Print Button to Web Pages

Google Cloud Print technology is spreading among Internet users. It helps you to print any document on your home's printer from anywhere in the world and any device. See how you can provide this facility to your visitors.

Make a Twitter Fan Box Similar to Facebook Like Box

This is a social era. Facebook Like Box is so popular that almost in every blog you will find this widget. Today I am sharing an unofficial Twitter widget that renders a Follow Box very similar to the Facebook Like Box.