Speed-Up Your Internet with Google DNS Resolver

Since Google's search engine keep crawling the web all the time, it resolves and caches DNS information of reached websites. Here, we can take advantage of their servers for getting the cached data, instead of querying the ISP for fresh lookup every time.

Create QR Code with your Own Image

Black & white QR codes are now matter of history. Now, not even colorful codes can be made, but they can be embedded with colorful background images, such as your own photograph.

See If Your Computer and Connection are Ready For IPv6

Most websites today use only IPv4. But by June 8, 2012, all major ISPs and web companies around the world are coming together to permanently enable IPv6 for their products and services. To check your IPv6 readiness, use this test.

Participate in Indian Idol 6 through Web Auditions

This is the first time that Sony is providing an online auditions for participating in the famous singing talent hunt program Indian Idol. As you are restricted to upload only one video, give your best and rocking one.

A Free Google Tool to Convert SWF Flash Files to HTML5

Flash files adds a great interactivity to web pages and applications. Still there are some devices like iPhones and iPads which doesn't support Flash embedded contents. The Google Swiffy project solves this problem by offering a free conversion tool.

The Best Place to View Old and Archived Web Pages

The Web has no limits. All the times new pages are generating an older pages are dying. Though many search engines are now providing option for viewing cached web page, this Wayback Machine has extra features and is much better that all others.

Add Google Cloud Print Button to Web Pages

Google Cloud Print technology is spreading among Internet users. It helps you to print any document on your home's printer from anywhere in the world and any device. See how you can provide this facility to your visitors.

How Does Google Cloud Print Work?

Google Cloud Print is a technology that helps you to access your computer's printers from anywhere and any device. For printing a page from mobile device, now don't have to worry about transferring them to printer connected computer, and then print them.

Access Wikipedia During SOPA Blackout Day

The Wikipedia has blacked out the English version of Wikipedia for 24 hours on January 18th 2012. A protest message is being shown on all pages. Here I have described how to read any Wikipedia article on the blackout day.

Get the Gravatar Image of any Person Just From the Email

Gravatar is a service for providing globally unique avatars associated with emails. Users register their account and attach their desired thumb image for particular e-mail address. Gravatar can be accessed through any programming language.

Google India: Top Searched Items of 2011

Google is not just a search engine, rather it is a habit for most of the people. Billions of searches are performed globally on Google each year. Even I have seen people who search 'gmail' in Google to open the website.