Loading Multiple CSS Files After Page is Loaded

In this post we will see how to decrease the page load time when using multiple JavaScript and CSS files in a HTML page. We will defer loading of these files, so browser can continue to render content.

Understanding the Black Hat SEO [Infographic]

Black Hat SEO techniques are those considered against the search engines' guidelines and may involves deception. This infographic details what you should strictly avoid for a better ranking.

How Does Free Web Hosting Affects SEO of Your Site

Free web hosting services can be great for beginner webmasters to start with their site. But sometimes it badly affects your reputation on the web. Not due to your fault, but others using the same service.

View Top Scoring Keywords of Your Rival Websites

Impact of keywords with search engines determines your page visibility in result pages. So, it is a good idea to check for those words which are boosting the rival's page rank. You then can rip or use similar keywords.

10 Best Mobile Site Optimization Tips from Google GoMo

Millions of people use mobile devices to get online everyday. A recent report shows that by 2015, there will be one mobile device for every person on the earth. You can't ignore this if interested in growing your online business.

Does Blog Commenting Really Improves PR and Traffic

Nearly all new bloggers think that blog commenting can improve their website's page ranking and traffic. So they blindly keep commenting on all posts as much as possible. But does this technique really works?

Retain Search Ranking When Moving to a New Website

Moving a established website to a new domain can pull down your search ranking very badly. And there is only scene to loose your visitors. Here is a list of four must-to-do things to retain all the ranking and reputation of your site while moving.

Delivering Smartphone Specific Contents to Googlebot

To index smartphone specific contents in Google Search, Googlebot-Mobile now crawls web with a smartphone user-agent in addition to its previous feature phone user-agents. As a webmaster if you are working on this, the article may help you.