How-to Book Indian Rail Tickets Using SMS

Indian railways today launched new SMS-based ticketing services to make reservation easier and hassle free for non-Internet users in India. This works with all mobile operators.

How-to Block SMS Coming from Gmail Chat

If you don't want to receive SMS messages from the Google Chat service, you may request to ban a particular user, or may opt not to receive any further message from the App.

Post and Receive Google+ Updates via SMS

Your can continue your G+ conversations even without Internet. Doesn't matter if you have an Android, iPhone or an ordinary phone. But, SMS facility should be there in your device.

Access Twitter on Your Airtle Mobile for Free

Bharti Airtel has launched a special integration with Twitter that will allow Airtel subscribers in India to access the micro-blogging Twitter service from their mobile phones for free until March 1, 2012.

Texting : The Most Used Data Service in The World

SMS text messaging is the most widely used data application in the world. The figure shows that there are 4.2 billion texters worldwide and 193,430 texts is being sent per second. Here are some more interesting fact-sheet that shows how SMS Messaging is Changing the World and our live.

How to Block Category Wise Commercial Calls/SMS [India]

TRAI has notified new regulations in the benefit of telecom customer wef Sep 27, 2011. According to this customers (either land line or mobile) who do not want to receive commercial communications can register their preference. You can block all categories or choose some selected categories between 7 defined categories for blocking.

No More Than 100 SMS Per Day Per Sim : TRAI

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has decided to limit SMS usage by imposing a new rule with effective from September 27. According to this new rule you will not be able to send more than 100 SMS from a single SIM. The Regulations provide that no service provider shall provide any service packs that allow customers to send more than 100 SMSs in a day.