How to Lock USB Drives with Password using USB Safeguard

We all use USB drives for carrying data on the move. Sometimes those documents are too sensitive and we don't want anyone else to see them. So password protecting the flash drive is needed. USB Safeguard is a portable tool intended for protecting drives with password.

Set Custom Icons for Your Pen Drive and CDs

Custom picture icons can be set to pen-drive and writable disks very similar to branded disks. For this you have to just include two extra files to the media. One file is the picture file and other file is a simple text file with mere two lines of code.

Microsoft: Windows 8 Will Offer USB 3.0 Support

Microsoft has announced that its upcoming operating system, Windows 8, will offer native USB 3.0 support. In the results coming till now, USB 3.0 is 10 times faster than USB 2.0, can offer speed upto 5 Gbps. There is no doubt, how we are addicted to use USB devices at present, but the question is, till the release of Windows 8, will hardware support be available...

Run Google Chrome OS on Windows Using A USB Pendrive

Have you tried Chrome OS? If not, here it is described how to run Google Chrome OS from a USB flash drive or on a virtual machine. Even you can install the OS in a separate partition with your current OS (Windows, Linux, Mac). But, since it is still under development there may be some issue with the release.

Install Windows 7/Vista/XP From USB Flash Drive

Many times we wish to reinstall OS but we can't due to failure of CD/DVD media or something else. However any USB drive can be used for installing Windows OS by making it bootable. The method is very simple and you can do it yourself...