How-to Book Indian Rail Tickets Using SMS

Indian railways today launched new SMS-based ticketing services to make reservation easier and hassle free for non-Internet users in India. This works with all mobile operators.

AdSense Ad Unit Placement Tips by Google

Here is an video made by Google team suggesting blue print for better placement of AdSense ads on content-rich pages. This is useful for webmasters who are still not sure where to place ads to balance optimization and revenue.

Does Blog Commenting Really Improves PR and Traffic

Nearly all new bloggers think that blog commenting can improve their website's page ranking and traffic. So they blindly keep commenting on all posts as much as possible. But does this technique really works?

The Most Watched YouTube Videos of 2011

YouTube has published a list of top 10 most watched videos of 2011. It excludes videos from major music labels. YouTube counter shows that there were more than one trillion videos playback in 2011 which was about 700 billion in 2010.

Space Lab Competition for Students by YouTube & NASA

YouTube Space Lab is a worldwide competition that challenges 14 - 18 year old students around the world to design a science experiment that can be carried out in space. The two winning experiments will have the opportunity to be performed by astronauts on the International Space Station.