Using Adobe Edge Web Fonts on any Website

A joint venture of Typekit, Adobe Type, and Google Web Fonts has launched another free service to host web fonts, that anyone can use. Unlike GWF, the AEWF can be embedded by JavaScript file import.

Reduce Google Web Fonts Loading Time for Webpages

A number of website owners have started using web fonts for a better look and feel. But their use require some attention for best optimization. Here I'm highlighting some good ways that can reduce the font loading time up to 90%.

How-to Use Google Web Fonts in Word Documents

Google web Fonts can be used in any Office application including Word and PowerPoint. You can also embed them with the file so that if you distribute the file, your friends can view and use those fonts, even if not installed on their computer.

How to use Google Web Fonts in Photoshop Designs

Google Web fonts are now not just limited to web, but they can even be used in desktop designing and publishing. This article will tell you how you can use these fonts in a Photoshop design, and that without downloading them.

Submit Your Own Font to Google Web-Fonts Directory

Google allows you to upload your own font in its directory and use it in your web pages using their APIs. The Google web fonts collection is being seen by millions of people every day. It is the best free service to host your fonts.

Import Multiple Google Web-fonts in a Single Request

Many designers are now widely using Google Web Fonts to decorate their pages. But embedding too many web fonts in a page increases number of requests for them. Here is a small trick for optimizing the use of the Google Font API.