In windows various settings and user configuration like 'Group Policy', 'User Passwords' etc are not exposed directly to the user. Yet these settings can be edited using these commands. Type the following commands in your Run Box (Windows Key + R) or Start Run from start menu. These commands allow the user to modify various hidden factors under windows platform.

cmdCommand Prompt
iexplorer + "web address"Internet Explorer with provided address
compmgmt.mscComputer Management
dhcpmgmt.mscDHCP Management
dnsmgmt.mscDNS Management
dsa.mscActive Directory Users and Computers
dssite.mscActive Directory Sites and Services
devmgmt.mscDevice Manager
gpedit.msclocal group policy editor
msinfo32System Information
cleanmgrDisk Cleanup
ntbackupBackup or Restore Wizard (Windows Backup Utility)
mmcMicrosoft Management Console
excelMicrosoft Excel (If Installed)
msaccessMicrosoft Access (If Installed)
powerpntMicrosoft PowerPoint (If Installed)
winwordMicrosoft Word (If Installed)
frontpgMicrosoft FrontPage (If Installed)
msmsgsWindows Messenger
mspaintMicrosoft Paint
wmplayerWindows Media Player
rstruiSystem Restore
netscp6Netscape 6.x
netscpNetscape 7.x
netscapeNetscape 4.x
waolAmerica Online
controlOpens the Control Panel
control userpasswords2opens users dialog
control printersOpens the Printers Dialog
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