AeroTweak utility software allows you to change about 50 different system parameters that affect user interface, performance and system security. Program does not require installation and consists of one executable file with 1 MB size, that is really useful if you will use it from removable device. AeroTweak supports english and russian interface languages.

This tool lets you change settings and speed up Windows 7 & Vista easily by disabling certain unneeded features, which consumes much RAM and increase CPU usage.

Using this tool, one can configure Windows desktop and explorer, taskbar, system settings, memory and file system, administrative and system restrictions in a few clicks.

Although there is an option to 'Restore default parameters' from within the program, it is recommended to create a restore point before using this utility.

Download AeroTweak
Utility Home Pages

Below is few screenshots of the program :

Desktop & Explorer Settings

System Settings

Adminstrative & System Restrictions

The program asks to Restart system after making any changes but you can simply 'Logoff' to let the changes take effect.

Download AeroTweak
Utility Home Pages
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