Few people are always sticked with their pc for checking new mails all the time. Manytime while away from the internet, we too have missed important mails. So today here I am describing about a free service offered by Mail2Mobi for getting mails on mobile via SMS.

But now you have an option to get incoming emails on your mobile through SMS and that too at no cost. It will send you the mail upto 160 characters without any ads. First you have to get registered with them. This service is absolutely free.

Activation Process

Step 1:
Signup at Mail2Mobi signup page
After signup you will have a virtual e-mail ID.
<your 10 digit mob. no>@mail2mobi.com

Step 2:
Open your Gmail e-mail account and go to settings.

Step2: Open your e-mail account.

Step 3:
Go to 'Forwarding and POP/IMAP' tab.
Put your virtual mail2mobi id in the box.
For example 9876543210@mail2mobi.com
Click on Send Verification Button.

Step3: Forwarding and POP/IMAP

Step 4:
You will shortly receive a SMS with a code. Put verification code in the box provided.
Click on Verify button.
If you are not receiving the SMS within maximum 5 minutes, clcik on Resend Email button.

Step4: Code verification

Step 5:
Select second option button.
Click on Save Changes button.

Step5: Enable forwarding and save

Make sure that the second button is selected as show in the image.
This is general mistake most of the people do.

Settings completed.

Below is a screenshot of mail2mobi account settings page

Mail2mobi SMS Blocking Options