PDF (Portable Document Format) is very popular file type used for distribution of documents that generally cannot be modified. Reading of PDF files is easier and formatting can be intended.

There are numerous free as well as paid softwares are available for creating and converting PDF files with different features. Microsoft has also included this feature as in-built in Office 2010 applications.

Creating a PDF document with Microsoft Office 2010 is so easy. No additional plugin is required. Prior to this we have to either use third-party softwares or extra plug-ins. The post I am sharing here is not a trick but may be usefull for you if you want to create PDF files for secure and unaltered distribution.

All Office 2010 applications, including Access, Excel, Word have in-built option to generate PDF files. I am just describing the methode using a Word file. This can also be used for converting a Word document to PDF format.

If you already have a word file (.docx/.doc) to convert, open the file.
If you wish to create a new one, then create and proceed as below.

After finishing all the edits, go to File and Click on Save as menu option.

Save as option in Word 2010 for PDF files - Techvigil

A dilog will appeare. Below file name, there is by default 'Word Documnet (*.docx) is selected.

Click on the drop down box, and select PDF (*.pdf).

Click on the drop down box, and select PDF (*.pdf) - Techvigil

Now you can choose quality or optimization. I always advice to select Standard optimization but you may differ depending upon your needs.

Here you can choose quality or optimization - Techvigil

Check the 'Open file after publishing' option to view the file immediatly after it has created. Click on Save button.
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