ShareSafe is a Facebook app which can help you to protect your Facebook wall from spam and malicious links. The app has been launched in beta stage by a security software company F-Secure. It is free to use and works similar as any other Facebook app.

F-Secure shared a video about the app.

The company claims that the app will protect your News Feed and Wall from appearing any spam or malicious links on it. However the company also trying to promote its other products through this app. Each time when you scan and share a link via ShareSafe you will get some points. These points can be exchanged for copies of other F-Secure products such as Internet Security, Online Backup, Mobile Security etc.

The application can be accessed here ShareSafe Facebook App

At the same time keep your eyes on unauthorized app and do not allow any other unknown application until unless you are pretty sure about the app. If you find something unusual about any app immediately remove that app from your account.