Google is now allowing people to set up their own Google+ pages for businesses and brands. The page will feature the brand to direct connect from Google search. It means Google+ Pages will be indexed and appear in Google search results. People can +1 your content on the page and spent time with your team.

On Google+ Pages, businesses can share their information, invite customers to directly chat with them via the Hangouts video conferencing technology or begin conversations by simply asking questions seeking feedback.

Setting up a Google+ page is very easy. Here's a detail guide on creating a page on Google plus.

Step 1:
Go to Create Google+ Page.

Step 2:
Choose the category for the page you want to create. You can go for Local Business or Place, Product or Brand, Company, Institution, or Organization, Arts, Entertainment, or Sports, and Other. After selecting a head category, you will be asked for sub-category.

Step 3:
Fill out the page title, website and other information. Click on Create button.

Step 4:
You will be asked for profile photo. Upload a good one and put tagline for the page and continue.

Step 5:
A sharing option will come that will be posted to your personal profile. Now, basic page setup completed.
On the welcome screen of the page you will see three more things to do with the page. "Start a conversation", "Connect your website" and "Tell the world". Follow the instructions provided below each title.

Presently Google+ provides ready made circles with the names "VIPs", "Customers", and "Team members" for the page. You can create your own circles for sharing different posts with different group of people.

Use the menu below the page name to toggle between your Google+ page and and profile.

A video featuring the new Direct Connect feature.

If you have done, let the people know about your new page by writing in comment below.
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