These days almost every website uses 3rd party widgets from sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc for spreading their work. But they also affect your browsing by increasing page loading time.

If you are not interested in sharing most of pages, you may probably wish to escape these cluttering things. For my friends who use slow internet connection may also be tired of these. So here is how to get ride of this social cluttering problem.

For Google Chrome

1. WidgetBlock is a ready made extension capable of blocking almost every social widgets. Just install the extension from Chrome Web Store and enjoy. But it has a downside. The extension may also block loading some of the games on Facebook. So it has to be turn off to allow those games.

2. Second choice is Adblock. It is a very popular advertisement blocker, but also can be used to block custom domains and HTML tags. Install the extension and got to Menu > Tools > Extensions. Select Options under Adblock and go to Filter Lists tab.
Enter this URL into the Enter a URL field:

For Mozilla Firefox

First get the Adblock Plus add-on for Mozilla. Right click on the Adblock Plus icon and select Preferences. Now, go to Filters > Add a Filter Subscription.
At the bottom of the window, click on a link to Add a different subscription. Enter a any title for this setting and put this URL in Filter list location field:

Now click the Add Subscription button and then Apply.

Blocking social media widgets and buttons will definitely speeds up your net surfing experience by decreasing the load time of web pages. I am reminding again that doing this may block some online social games. So try disabling the extension if you encounter such type of problem.

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