With the increase of smartphone devices and other software tools, their applications are hugely increasing. One such type of technology is called QR Codes. It is a 2D bar code used for storing encoded content in the matrix form. This QR code can be read by a QR reader of a cell phone or a smart phone for immediately accessing its content.

Suppose during a presentation your audience asks you for a "soft copy" of the presentation. Instead of emailing those interested audience you can have a QR code displayed in the last page of your slide. So, people can have immediate access to the document just by scanning the code. No need to type in any lengthy URLs.

TagMyDoc is a free service which can be used to add QR codes to any kind of documents. Sharing documents with QR code eases the online access of digital copy of the document.

The site is still in beta stage but is providing very efficient service. For getting started go to TagMyDoc and upload your document there. It supports JPG, PNG, BMP, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, and PDF file formats. So most of the generally used document formats are supported. If you want to share document of some another file type, first get a PDF conversion of it and then share it with TagMyDoc.

The service can be even used without registration but in that case, your uploaded documents will expire after 14 days. Signing up for a free 'Basic' account gives users 1 GB of space and does not bound any expiration limit. After uploading the document you can distribute the QR code and an unlimited number of people will be able to scan the QR code and download the associated file.

TagMyDoc is already having App for iOS devices and very soon they are going to provide add-in for Microsoft Word and Power Point. It will help to tag documents directly within the Microsoft Office application.

TagMyDoc shares a video about their workings.

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