The default download manager provided in any browser is not satisfactory for some tech gig and they want to extend it more. Having an unlimited Internet access plan instigate you to keep filling up your hard disk. But the browser doesn't help you for managing downloaded files.

For example, you might want to store .flv files in one folder and .exe files in another. This automatic selection of folders according to your preferred choice can minimise your headache of rearranging downloaded files.

Here I am talking about a Mozilla Firefox add-on that helps you in managing your downloads. This extension called Automatic Save Folder provides you facility for specifying custom download location for individual file types and/or domains.

To add or edit an existing filter, control buttons are provided in the right side of window. Here is a screenshot for adding a new filter rule.

All filters are based on detection of either domain name or file extension or both. The Regular Expression (Reg. exp., or Regexp) can also be used to set custom identification rules.

The add-on is having some more fabulous features. It can dynamically create saving folders according to date of the day, filename, extension, etc. Like you can automatically organize all new downloads into sub-folders named after the current month. The HP scanner users are well aware of this because the program automatically stores all images in month-wise folders.

Refer the Add-on home page for downloading and getting additional support on regular expressions and setting filters.

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