Using Web Fonts in Photoshop

Google Web fonts are not just limited to web, but they can even be used in desktop designing and publishing. These fonts can be extensively used with the Adobe Photoshop® tool, and that without downloading them.

Even you can send your Photoshop files around to your friends and coworkers without worrying about whether they have the fonts installed - it will "just work"!

Web Font Plug-in, which is currently in beta stage, allows you to use WebINK and Google Web Fonts in any Photoshop document. You need not to have installed all those fonts, but your internet should be working. So, Lets start.

Step 1: Download and Install Suitcase Fusion 3 for your Operating System. The free version of extension is limited to 30-days trial period, but don't worry. The web font plug-in that is installed with the extension will still work after the 30-days trial of Suitcase Fusion expires. The plug-in is totally free and functional for lifetime.

Step 2. After installing the extension, launch Adobe Photoshop. Please note that the extension is supported by Ps version CS5 and higher.

Step 3. Go to WindowExtensionsExtensis to open the Extensis Font Panel.

Step 4. Choose Google Web Fonts from the drop down box and then click on enable button. All fonts from the collection will appear in your list.

Google Web Fonts Panel in Photoshop

Step 5. To apply a font, select the Text layer (in Layers Panel) and then click on any font in the Extensis fonts list. Apply the changes. Your text will be adorned with the font of your choice.

Note. As Google web fonts are open source, you are free to use them anywhere, even to create your sister's printed birthday party invitation. But the same is not true with WebINK fonts. WebINK fonts from the Web Font Plug-in can only be used in website mock-ups and comps as part of the website design process. The fonts are not licensed to be used to create derivative works that are published in any other way.

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