Adding a images to web page is not necessary at all but they definitely have magic. They can attract readers and boost the credibility of your content. So, insert an appropriate image within your post wherever you find it to catch visitors.

Many bloggers and content writers sometimes go less casual and use images that they find on any other website or directly from search engines. This is not a good practice because essentially you are using property of someone else, without their permission.

The simple image search tools find pictures not filtered by any license. You need to search advance for your needs. It will hardly take 5-10 seconds longer. Here I am explaining how to do this with Google Image Search.

Step 1:

Open Google Advance Image search page.

Step 2:

There are several boxes to fill up your choices and shorten the results, but very first and very last is more important for our purpose. Type the image related keywords in the first box. Results will be returned with all these words. Fill other boxes if you need them.

Step 3:

Come to the last option of the page. It is 'usage rights'. This filter shows you only those results that are labeled with terms you will select here. See the brief description of different usage rights options available:

  • Free to use or share
    Shows images that you can copy or redistribute, as long as the content remains unchanged.

  • Free to use, share, or modify
    Shows images that you can copy, redistribute, or modify but in ways specified in the license.

  • If you want content for commercial use, be sure to select the appropriate option containing the term commercially.

Step 4:

Now hit the Search button. Pic a nice one from results. Download it, modify it, and use anywhere you wish.

Always respect copyright laws. Never go wrong.

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