Google Web-Fonts library now have move than 500 open source fonts. The term "open source" means that you are free to share, improve or customize them and use them in every way you want, privately or commercially - in print, on your computer, or in your websites.

For using these fonts locally in Microsoft Office applications like Word, PowerPoint etc, you need to download them in your computer. So, first head to in a new tab. Browse through the available fonts in the library. Add favorable one to your collection.


After adding all fonts to your collection. Click on "download your collection" (at the top right corner of browser). A pop-up will ask you for confirmation. Again click on "download as zip file". Now unzip the downloaded file. You should find all your selected fonts in that folder. Now install them.

Windows 7 and Vista users can install them by right clicking on any font. XP users can copy and paste them directly to Fonts folder found in control panel.

After you are finished with the installation, Open any Office application and now you can apply that font to any text.


Embedding Fonts with the File

Now when we have done it on our local computer, this font will not work when you distribute the file among your friends. There is a way to embed fonts with the file so that it will automatically move with the file.

Go to Word Options and find the save tab (for Office 2007 and higher). Check the Embed fonts in the file option. This will allow other people to view and use the fonts, even if the fonts are not installed on their computer.


Now you can circulate your documents without worrying about fonts.

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