Google is trying out some new dynamic view templates on Blogger from a long time. They are still under improvement, but nearly all of their official blogs are served in new theme.

Many blog owners on Blogspot are trying these for a much better user experience. First there were only five, but now it has a total of seven new themes to try. But it depends on your content, because each have a special appearance targeted for different content.

  1. Classic - A traditional template with some advancement like infinite scrolling

  2. Flipcard - All thumbnails will tile across the page and flip to reveal the post title on mouse hover

  3. Magazine - A clean and elegant editorial style layout

  4. Mosaic - A mosaic mix style of different sized images and text

  5. Sidebar - A fix sidebar on left for navigation, and a reading page on remaining area

  6. Snapshot - An interactive pinboard of your blog posts

  7. Timeslide - A horizontal view of posts by time period

Owners can set a best suited theme for their blog, but what if a visitor doesn't like it. Actually they can also view any blog, in their favorite dynamic view, no matter what the admin has set. So, you can control the view for blogs you don't own.

You can see these themes in action by appending ?view=viewname to the end of any Blogger URL. For example, to see in different views, go to

You can also get a Chrome extension from webstore. This will help you to quickly view the blog content in one of the new seven dynamic views.

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