Microsoft has put a big effort in making Windows 8 finger friendly. And so is the virtual keyboard. The board is designed in a way to fit for everyone, no matter whether you are a desktop user with physical mouse or a tablet screen touch user.

The on screen keyboard is not new in the OS, but it has got many new features. One is that it helps you to quickly insert smileys and other symbols in your documents and conversations. With a click on normal keyboard you can switch to the smiley view, and there you can just tap and insert any symbol. Almost all faces are there, so you may not need to combine your own letters.

Smiley Keyboard

Open Virtual Keyboard

To open the on-screen board, type tabtip in the Run box and hit Enter. To open the Run box you may press the Windows Key + R shortcut.

Alternatively, first switch to desktop view in Windows 8, right click in the task bar and go to ToolbarsTouch Keyboard.

Now, when the keyboard appears, it will be like normal one. To use Smiley, click or tap on the Smiley Key left to the Space bar. Use the navigation keys to browse more sets of emoticon. There are plenty to choose from, too.

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