Indian railways today launched new SMS-based ticketing services to make reservation easier and hassle free for non-Internet users in India. Presently two service providers are in front to have these facilities:

  • Bharat BPO
  • Frequency Weekly Management

You can go with either of these providers to book your ticket without Internet, but anyhow you need be already registered with IRCTC. The mobile number you are using for sending SMS should be same as provided in your IRCTC account and the bank account you will choose to debit the amount. Booking with Tatkal Quota or any other including Concessions are not available as of now. Payment for the bookings can only be made through IMPS.

Making Reservation with Bharat BPO

Step 1:

Send an SMS to 139 in below specified format.

BOOK <TrainNo> <FromCity> <ToCity> <TravelDate(DDMM)> <Class> <Passenger1-Name> <Age> <Gender> <Passenger2-Name> <Age> <Gender> (up to 6 passengers)

For Example

BOOK 12011 NDLS CDG 1404 CC Rakesh 55 M Sarita 53 F Mukesh 21 M

If the server correctly recognized your request, you will get back a sms with these details:

  • Transaction ID (TID)
  • Ticket Amount
  • Service Charge
  • Total Amount payable
  • Seat Availability


TID: 2501368
Ticket Amount: 900
Service Charges: 20
Total Amount: 920
Seat: AVAILABLE - 0228.

Step 2:

Now you need to complete the payment against your booking request. The below format should be followed for payment of the ticket.

SMS PAY <Transaction ID as received> <IMPS is the mode of payment)> <Your MMID as received from the bank> <OTP is your one time password received for this transaction> <IRCTCUserID>

For Example

SMS PAY 2501368 IMPS <MMID> <OTP> Rakesh

Upon successful transaction you will receive final reservation SMS with all your details. You can travel with the SMS itself as as digital proof your ticket.

Note: MMID (Mobile Money IDentifier), is a 7-digit unique number given to a customer upon registration with a bank for the service. Contact your bank if you don't have your MMID. Now more than 26 Indian Banks are supporting this. Here is the list for IMPS supporting banks.

Cancelling Tickets Booked with Bharat BPO

Step 1:

Send an SMS to 139 in below specified format.

CAN <10 Digit PNR> <IRCTCUserID> <Passenger Number>

For Example

CAN 2345678901 Rakesh 12

Here 1 & 2 are passenger serial number we are cancelling. As there can be max of 6 person in a ticket, the serial number can be given without any space in between. This way tickets can be cancelled partially.

To cancel the entire ticket just omit the passenger number part. i.e. just send this:

CAN <10 Digit PNR> <IRCTCUserID>

Step 2:

After sending 1st SMS, a confirmation message will be sent to your mobile. You need to reply the text YES to that SMS for cancelling the tickets.

Bharat BPO 24X7 Helpline Number - 139, E-mail:

Booking Tickets with Frequency Weekly

This video explains all you need.

Frequency Weekly Helpline Number - 8882001001, E-mail: