Generally when you have to compose a new mail, you open your web mail client in browser and then move to compose section. People often use desktop clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Zimbra etc. It takes a bit longer to open the program and then writing the mail.

With this tweak, you can directly jump to the new mail writing section without navigation anywhere. This is taken care by the mail handlers available in browsers. So, we will start with setting up the handler first.

Enable Mail Handler in Browser

Throughput the article I have used my favorite Chrome browser to capture screen shots, however it works with other browsers too.

Step 1: Open Gmail program in your browser. It gives an option to install new handler in the right most side of the address bar.


Step 2: Click on the double overlapped square icon to install it.

Step 3: A pop-up will open asking you to Allow Gmail( to open all email links? Choose the first option Use Gmail and click on done.


Composing New Mail

Now whenever you want to draft a new mail just go the address bar and type and press enter. The editor would be waiting for you.


Removing the Handler

Though you may not need to remove this nice feature, but if required you can type chrome://settings/handlers in the address box and can change or remove the setting.

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