Windows 8 start screen contains live tiles. They do the wonderful job of providing you the information without opening the app. By looking at your home screen, you can have a snapshot of latest news, stock prices, weather summary and many more.

Many people turn them off to save Internet data without knowing how much data its actually consuming.

Here is how you can check it. And based on consumption, now you can decide if its not significant and fits in your data plan.

Check Tile Updates Data Usage

Open Task Manager and go to App History tab. The last column "Tile updates", will show you how much data it has downloaded in last one month.


Here in above snapshot, it shows data usage since June 20th, 2015.

Other columns are

  • CPU Time - Amount of CPU time the app has taken up.
  • Network - Network utilization in MB for the app.
  • Metered Network - Network utilization on a network that is marked as metered.
  • Tile Updates - Amount of network usage for updating the live tile.
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