Your PCs hard disk partition configuration can be re-sized without loosing any data. It is helpful when you don't want to format the entire hard disk. Specially in case of pre-loaded OS for branded laptops, altering partition size is a difficult task. Although there are many tools available for this but you can do the same by utilizing few Windows options.

Step 1:

Right click on My Computer icon, go to Manage. Alternatively open Control Panel>> Administrative Tools >> Computer Management.

Step 2:

Click on the Disk Management option under storage category in right panel. Here all drives will be shown in the left area. Right click on any drive. Here options like "shrink volume" or "extend volume" can be found. Mind that you will not be able to use "extend volume" if you don't have free space. So before extending any volume, first, shrink volume to make some free space.

When you will click on shrink volume the dialog box appeared will be similar to this

In this box put the amount of space to shrink (in MB). The similar dialog box appears for extend volume. Re-sizing from here makes you sure about your data protection.

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