10 Best Mobile Site Optimization Tips from Google GoMo

Millions of people use mobile devices to get online everyday. A recent report shows that by 2015, there will be one mobile device for every person on the earth. You can't ignore this if interested in growing your online business.

Does Blog Commenting Really Improves PR and Traffic

Nearly all new bloggers think that blog commenting can improve their website's page ranking and traffic. So they blindly keep commenting on all posts as much as possible. But does this technique really works?

Where to Find Old Google Doodles?

So many times Google Doodles has surprised us with its look, reflecting various anniversaries and landmark historical events of the day. But, unfortunately it stays only for one day. Google has created a gallery for doodles.

Important Tips to Protect Yourself Against Phishing

Phishing, also referred to as brand spoofing or carding, is a way of attempting to acquire sensitive information of users by masquerading as a trustworthy entity. Here are some things you should keep in mind to stay safe from being phishing victim.

A Free Google Tool to Convert SWF Flash Files to HTML5

Flash files adds a great interactivity to web pages and applications. Still there are some devices like iPhones and iPads which doesn't support Flash embedded contents. The Google Swiffy project solves this problem by offering a free conversion tool.

Set Default Download Folder for Each File Type in Mozilla

Automatic Save Folder is a Mozilla Firefox add-on that helps you in managing your downloads. Custom filters can be set to store downloaded files automatically in various sub-folders. It can be based on file types and/or source domains.

The Best Place to View Old and Archived Web Pages

The Web has no limits. All the times new pages are generating an older pages are dying. Though many search engines are now providing option for viewing cached web page, this Wayback Machine has extra features and is much better that all others.

Add Google Cloud Print Button to Web Pages

Google Cloud Print technology is spreading among Internet users. It helps you to print any document on your home's printer from anywhere in the world and any device. See how you can provide this facility to your visitors.

Make a Twitter Fan Box Similar to Facebook Like Box

This is a social era. Facebook Like Box is so popular that almost in every blog you will find this widget. Today I am sharing an unofficial Twitter widget that renders a Follow Box very similar to the Facebook Like Box.