Researchers Exposed More Android Vulnerabilities

Researchers have found two new vulnerabilities in Android operating system with one of them affecting all Android handsets. The first flaw allows attackers to install applications on the victim's smartphone without asking for permission or notifying the user. Samsung Nexus S handsets are also affected with this.

Google Alerts Gmail Account Security in Iran

Google is asking its user in Iran to change their passwords and recheck their account recovery options. Few days ago an Iranian hacker stole a Google authentication certificate from DigiNotar (a Dutch certificate authority) and fraudulently creating more than 500 SSL certificates used to authenticate Web sites.

Microsoft Warned Xbox Live Users After PlayStation Hack

Microsoft has warned users of its Xbox Live online gaming service of possible attempts to steal sensitive personal information after the Sony PlayStation Network was hacked. A few days ago, the Playstation Network faced an intrusion by a hacker who stole personal user information such as credit card numbers for nearly 77 million users. The popular game Modern Warfare 2...

Beware : Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Rogue

There's a rogue security product out there that claims to be "Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)" but it has nothing to do with Microsoft. This malware/trojen is distributed via drive-by-download attacks as hotfix.exe or mstsc.exe that attempts to trick you...

Microsoft Warning on Zero-Day Windows Hole

Microsoft confirmed : Hackers have been exploiting a bug in Windows "shortcut" files. The exploit works even when AutoRun and AutoPlay are disabled. The rootkit also bypasses all security mechanisms in Windows, including the User Account Control (UAC) prompts in Vista and Windows 7...