Google Chrome browser, with its minimalist interface and light speed performance is very popular among users. Pointless to mention here that this browser has highest score in HTML5 and JavaScript performance. Apart from these, it's robust security features are now no more ignored by various security agencies.

Just a few days ago, the BSI (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik), Germany's Federal Office for Information Security, has released a best practice guide regarding Cyber Security for consumers running Microsoft Windows on their PC. The guide says that many useful and important services such as online banking, e-commerce, e-government etc. are now used on the Internet, so browser security has vital role. Here they mentioned about Chrome, as the blog says:

If possible, you should use a browser with sandbox technology. The browser that currently most consistently implements this protection is Google Chrome ( Comparable mechanisms implemented in other browsers are either weaker, or non-existent. By using Google Chrome, in addition to the other mechanisms we mentioned, you can significantly reduce the risk of a successful IT attack.

The auto-update feature of Chrome which is missing in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox both, adds another credit for the browser.

Equally positive is the auto-update functionality of Google Chrome, which includes a bundled version of the Adobe Flash Player. By bundling it with Chrome, the Adobe Flash Player will also always be kept up to date.

I also use Chrome (waiting for Chrome book in India). You?

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