Facebook now allows users to promote their personal status updates and post on pages they own. Promoted posts, photos or videos will be shown higher in news feed of others. This can help folks to notice that post and will attract much more audience.


How to Promote

The Promote button/link is available below every post which falls under some conditions. Following the link will show the cost of bumping it. The cost depends on several factors, including your geographic location and number of people you want to reach. You can use your existing Facebook Credits balance if you have one or may choose another payment method.



For personal profiles, the link is active for the updates you have shared recently, typically within the last 6 hours. But if you have very large (5,000 or more) number of friends and subscribers then this option will not be shown on your Timeline.

From a Facebook Page any post within 3 days of its posting can be promoted. But this facility will only be available for Pages with at least 400 likes.

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