Using Adobe Edge Web Fonts on any Website

A joint venture of Typekit, Adobe Type, and Google Web Fonts has launched another free service to host web fonts, that anyone can use. Unlike GWF, the AEWF can be embedded by JavaScript file import.

How to Use OpenDNS Service on Windows 7 PCs

OpenDNS is one of the most popular freely available public DNS resolver service. At this time they manage to serve about 3.5 million requests per second with 100% uptime. This tutorial will teach you how to use this on a Windows 7 PC.

Speed-Up Your Internet with Google DNS Resolver

Since Google's search engine keep crawling the web all the time, it resolves and caches DNS information of reached websites. Here, we can take advantage of their servers for getting the cached data, instead of querying the ISP for fresh lookup every time.

Access Twitter on Your Airtle Mobile for Free

Bharti Airtel has launched a special integration with Twitter that will allow Airtel subscribers in India to access the micro-blogging Twitter service from their mobile phones for free until March 1, 2012.

Get a Free E-mail ID is offering free email account registration open for all. By registering you can have an e-mail ID like Registration is totally free for public in India or any other country.

Register Absolutely Free .in Domain Name And Hosting from Google

Google, in partnership with HostGator, FISME and ICICI Bank is offering free registration of .in domain name along with web hosting for people in India. Full support with site building tools and Google Apps will also be available for the domain for 1 year. You are free to change the web hosting provider any time.

Free Automatic PNR Status Update Alerts via SMS

It may be a big problem for you to always check the PNR status if you have a waitlisted or RAC ticket. Although PNR checking services are available at the cost of just one SMS, but you have to query them all the time. Don't you think it would be better if an automated service will ckeck your PNR for you and notify you whenever it's status changes. Yes, there is one service freely available for this task...

Get Emails on Mobile Via SMS Absolutely Free

Here we are describing about a free service for getting mail on mobile via SMS. Few people are always sticked with their pc for checking new mails all the time. Manytime while away from the internet, we too have missed important mails. But now you have an option to get incoming emails on your mobile through SMS and that too at no cost. It is very easy 2-minute process....

Get Ubuntu Free CD At Your Door

Ubuntu is available free of charge and they can send you a CD of the latest version by post. You have to only request them by providing your address...

Get All Language's Software CD Free

The Department of Information Technology initiated the TDIL program for free distribution of Indian languages disks. About 22 Indian languages are available.