Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Vs iPad Specifications

Samsung has launched its latest tablet Galaxy Note 10.1. The tab comes with a host of new features like quad-core processor, 10.1 inches touchscreen, S pen to write notes or draw on the screen.

Which One is Better, Aakash or a Classpad Tablet?

After Aakash, Indian tablet market has a boom of other similar tablets with low price range. Today another tablet Classpad was launched. The tablet has a higher price as well as better configuration than Aakash. Have a comparision between them.

What is The Dirtiest Tech Gadget We Use Everyday?

We are always surrounded with our tech gadgets and thus germs. This infograph shows that gadgets often has 150x bacteria level than the acceptable limit. And the TV remote has got the first prize for being the dirtiest item in our home.

Difference Between Aakash and UbiSlate7 Tablets

After Aakash, the manufacturing company DataWind has announced a new tablet which is being called the commercial version of Aakash. This new version is made-in China and called UbiSlate 7. It has a new version OS, faster processor and more powerful battery.

Online Order Your Aakash Tablet Right Now

Online booking of the low cost Indian Android tablet "Aakash" has started. Anyone can order the tablet online. After your order it will be delivered to your address in a week's time. No pre payment will be accepted but the only payment option is cash on delivery.

Apple Calling iPod nano (1st generation) for Replacement

Apple has decided to replace those units of iPod nano (1st generation) which are facing battery overheating problem due to some manufacturing defect. Affected iPod nanos were sold between September 2005 and December 2006. You may order a replacement unit via the web.

Good-n-Bad Specs of the Cheapest Indian Tablet "Aakash"

Finally India has launched its own so claimed cheapest computer tablet in the world. It will come to the market in December with expected consumer end price of ₹1400-1700. Laced with many advance features such as touch-screen, Wi-Fi and HDMI, the tablet runs on Android 2.2 operating system.