DataWind, the Canadian company that is manufacturing Aakash, has started the online booking of the much anticipated low cost Android tablet in India.

Students' version of Aakash is available for ₹ 2,500 with these configuration. If you can't wait even reading this full post, go to for booking your Aakash tablet right now. No pre payment will be accepted but the only payment option is cash on delivery. Company says that delivery will be done in a week's time.

After submitting your shipping details, you will get a booking ID and a message saying "You will shortly receive an email confirmation from our support team with further details."

With booking of Aakash, DataWind has also started pre booking of the new tablet UbiSlate 7. It is the upgraded version of Aakash. This next generation of Aakash is loaded with better features and specifications. It will be available in market in late January with expected price of ₹ 2,999.

DataWind has however not cleared how it is going to verify the identity of students who will book the Aakash tablet. It seems that anyone can book the student version of Aakash tablet. It is "student version" and not "only for students". This online booking is nothing to do with what Indian government has offered.

For more details you can contact on Aakash toll free number 1800-180-2180.

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