How Does Free Web Hosting Affects SEO of Your Site

Free web hosting services can be great for beginner webmasters to start with their site. But sometimes it badly affects your reputation on the web. Not due to your fault, but others using the same service.

AdSense Ad Unit Placement Tips by Google

Here is an video made by Google team suggesting blue print for better placement of AdSense ads on content-rich pages. This is useful for webmasters who are still not sure where to place ads to balance optimization and revenue.

Obfuscate Email Address to Hide from Spam Bots

Putting plain e-mail address on web pages is full of risk. There are a number of spam bots looking for publicly available e-mail addresses on the web for sending unwanted affiliate links and advertisements.

Access your Website's Root Folder as a Local Drive

What can be easier than accessing your website's directories as a local folder and uploading files like you do in Windows Explorer. NetDrive is a small utility which makes it possible to mount the server root folder as a local drive.

View Top Scoring Keywords of Your Rival Websites

Impact of keywords with search engines determines your page visibility in result pages. So, it is a good idea to check for those words which are boosting the rival's page rank. You then can rip or use similar keywords.

10 Best Mobile Site Optimization Tips from Google GoMo

Millions of people use mobile devices to get online everyday. A recent report shows that by 2015, there will be one mobile device for every person on the earth. You can't ignore this if interested in growing your online business.

Does Blog Commenting Really Improves PR and Traffic

Nearly all new bloggers think that blog commenting can improve their website's page ranking and traffic. So they blindly keep commenting on all posts as much as possible. But does this technique really works?