When Did I Installed Windows?

Windows does not have any interface to show users the date on which it was originally installed. However you can extract this information from a simple DOS command.

Enlarge Whole Windows Screen for Easier Reading

Small text in menus and navigations may not be comfortable for senior citizens and people with retarded vision. In Windows 7, this default magnification percentage can be increased for a larger 'fit to view' of the screen.

Speed-Up Your Internet with Google DNS Resolver

Since Google's search engine keep crawling the web all the time, it resolves and caches DNS information of reached websites. Here, we can take advantage of their servers for getting the cached data, instead of querying the ISP for fresh lookup every time.

Change Windows 7 Tray Clock Format to 12/24 Hour Style

Non geeky Windows users that have switched from XP to Win7 are still finding hard to discover some necessary settings options for them. And changing the format of task bar system clock, is one of those difficult tasks.

How to Control Maximum Processor Usage of Your PC

Reducing the maximum CPU usage limit will protect your computer from over-heating, increase its lifespan and also reduce battery consumption. The limit should be balancing one, such that neither your processor get harmed nor its performance.

Override Your Windows Experience Index Rating

This is the case when you have an old notebook and you are not happy with its low score of Windows Experience Index. But you can increase it without upgrading any hardware. All you have to do is to edit a single file and put desired rating.