How-to Check CPU's Cache Size and Speed

All we rely on the information printed on shipping box of digital goods. But are they correct all the time? Here's how you can verify various cache levels and sizes of your CPU.

When Did I Installed Windows?

Windows does not have any interface to show users the date on which it was originally installed. However you can extract this information from a simple DOS command.

How to Safely Clean Windows Installer Cache Files

Windows Installer Cache is a folder created in local computer to store important files for applications installed using the MSI Windows Installer technology. The folder consumes significant amount of drive space.

A Permanent Solution to Delete Stuck Print Jobs in Windows

So many times when we try to cancel or delete a print job from the print queue and it fails. In this article, I am with a simple solution to clear the queue by creating a script file and then just use that whenever the print jobs stuck.

Explanation: Why We Can't Create Folders Named "CON"

I found this little problem circulating via e-mail and social networks, why we get an error while renaming or creating any file/folder with "CON", "PRN", "AUX" etc names. This is absolutely true and here is the correct explanation and some more keywords.

Easiest Way to Hide a Windows Hard Disk Partition Drive

Windows shows only those partitions which have a drive letter assigned to them. It directly means that drive without any letter will not be shown or accessed. Windows provides very easy way to assign or remove a drive letter of any drive with few clicks. Here is the tutorial.

Set Custom Icons for Your Pen Drive and CDs

Custom picture icons can be set to pen-drive and writable disks very similar to branded disks. For this you have to just include two extra files to the media. One file is the picture file and other file is a simple text file with mere two lines of code.