There are lot of things that we can tweak with Windows Registry edits. Today, I am with a trick that will prevent others from accessing any external USB drives from within your computer.

This has application where some important documents are stored on a computer that can't be distributed. Or, when you are out of your home and other people have access to your system. Sometimes, I intentionally don't want to distribute some of my collection with friends, so I apply this.

The reverse is equally useful when you are on a computer with such restrictions. But never break any policy if working within an organization. This may not be good for you.

Now come to the exercise.

Open Windows registry editor quickly from Run box by pressing Win+R key. Now type regedit and hit OK. When it opens, browse to the following key address.


You will see an item list in the right part of the window. Now, Double click on the name Start. A new small box will appear.

In the box you will find the value data set to 3. Change that value to 4 and select Hexadecimal in the Base group. Now click OK.

But, it may not work till your next restart.

To enable access to USB ports again, just change the Start key value back to 3. Over.

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