Google Related is a new Google Chrome Extension that automatically shows you interesting content relevant to which webpage you are viewing. Related results will be displayed in a thin bar fixed at the bottom of your screen. The bar will remain minimized until you it gets your mouse focus. If you select any link, they'll open up immediately in a box within the window. Thus it reduces the headache of opening new tab.

Google Related can display categories such as videos, news articles, maps, reviews, images, web sites and more. But, the tool doesn't work with all websites. Actually, if there is not enough information related to the page, the bar will go silent. Here is a screenshot

You can hide the tool for specific websites through its options menu. On the Google toolbar, you can disable it entirely through that tool's options menu.

You can use +1 button designed within the bar. But mind that your personal data may be collected. Information collected by Related includes the URL of website visited, your machine's IP address and one or more Google cookies. Please refer to Privacy Policy for Google Related.

Google Related is available both as a Chrome Extension in the Chrome Web Store and as a new feature in Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer. No support for Apple's Safari, Firefox, or Opera Web browser software was announced.

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