Google+ is now available for all Google Apps users also. Apps users will have access to the same features as regular Google+ users. Google+ will automatically become available to all Google Apps users over the next several days, but if you wish to turn it on manually, here is the guide.

How to use Google+ with Google Apps account

For enabling Google+, you need to first activate 'Picasa Web Albums' and 'Google Talk' service for your domain. If these services are not enabled then Google+ will not automatically become available, even if your domain has chosen to automatically enable new services.

Step 1:
Log in to your Google Apps administrator account and go to 'Organization & users' tab.

Step 2:
In the left sidebar choose the organizational unit and then click on 'Services' tab. Scroll down to find Google+.

Step 3:
Click on 'ON' button in front of Google+.

Step 4:
At last 'Save Changes' that you have done.

After you have enabled Google+ for you domain, each user of your domain has to individually sign up for Google+ profile at
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