May be your website loading fine enough on desktop systems. But, a lot of people use GPRS ready mobile devices on the go. They have different experience while viewing any web page on that small screen device with limited browser capability.

So many websites have different pages specially designed for mobile users. Very optimized for loading in slow connections. Techvigil is also available in mobile version.

Why we need mobile-optimised pages?

A mobile device has small screen, little processing power, limited amount of memory, no mouse, and so on. Mobile networks can be slow and often have a higher latency. Compared to a user sitting in front of his computer, the user on the go has limited time and is easily distracted. For these reasons the user experience is important when browsing the Web on a mobile device.

How much mobile friendly is your website?

World Wide Web Consortium (W3) is helping webmasters to determine the level of mobile-friendliness of their website. It is developed with assistance from the Mozilla Foundation.

It provides a percentage score for the website and detailed report. It points suggestions explaining Why? How? & Where? It will not just check the HTML code of the page, but also the CSS associated for it.

For checking your website score simply go to and put your website's address in the box provided for Validate by URI. Click on Check button. Your website scorecard will be generated with errors and suggestions found appropriate.

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